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Green Pudding Press is a cottage book publisher dedicated to crafting attractive, imaginative, engaging
and educational children's books and
 is proud to celebrate ethnically diverse characters in all our publications.

Green Pudding Press is proud to present  
The Dreamer's Safari: A bedtime journey in animal wisdom

The Dreamer's Safari Book Cover

Every night Lolly dreams she is a different animal. Seeing through each creatures' eyes, she gains important insights, learns the value of new perspectives and develops a deep respect for all life.

Our Books:

Dreamers Safari

El Safari del Soñador

Una aventura exuberante, temperamental y poética que celebra la interconexión y la compasión y la convierte en el compañero ideal a la hora de dormir.

Animal Girl

Dreamer's Safari

A lush, moody and poetic adventure that celebrates interconnectedness and compassion making an ideal bedtime companion.

Gertie Gladiola Goes On A Plane Children's Book Cover

Gertie Gladiola
Goes on a Plane

Gertie and Pup take their first plane ride, going to the airport, staying in a hotel and visiting Aunt Sally.

Gertie Gladiola Goes To The Beach Children's Book Cover

Gertie Gladiola
Goes to
the Beach

Follow Gertie and Pup's adventure on the beach, Gertie has an ice cream while Pup meets some underwater pals. 

Discovery Dogs: Tools and Tails

Discovery Dogs:
Tools and Tails

A delightful blend of rhymes and interactive matching games, introducing a wide range of everyday tools.

Gertie Gladiola's Dog Pup Wearing Sunglasses

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