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The Dreamer's Safari Book Cover

Green Pudding Press is proud to announce  
The Dreamer's Safari: A bedtime journey in animal wisdom

Every night Lolly dreams she is a different animal. Seeing through each creatures' eyes, she gains important insights, learns the value of new perspectives and develops a deep respect for all life.

"The Dreamer’s Safari: A Bedtime Journey In Animal Wisdom" is a lush, moody adventure by debut poet and artist Conchetta Cascio. It features captivating illustrations in a “cut paper” inspired style and a verse that celebrates the beauty of diversity and interconnectedness, encouraging children to identify with others and cultivate compassion.

Dancing with dolphins in the ocean, soaring as an eagle in the skies, and adorably playing as a bunny in the forest, Lolly's journey is a vivid exploration of different lives and a heartwarming way to develop a positive association with sleep and dreaming, making this enchanting poem an ideal companion for bedtime.

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Explore the world with the Gertie Gladiola Goes Children's book series.

From airplane family fun trips to beach outings, take your kids on an adventure with Gertie and her trusty puppy Pup in the Gertie Gladiola Goes book series! These colorful and charming paperback books are perfect for preparing children aged 3-5 to acclimate to first concepts and embrace new experiences with enthusiasm.

Gertie Gladiola books available now on

Gertie Gladiola Goes On A Plane Children's Book Cover
Gertie Gladiola Goes To The Beach Children's Book Cover

Gertie Gladiola
Goes on a Plane

Gertie and Pup are off on a family vacation this time, going to the airport, riding on a plane and visiting Aunt Sally.

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Gertie Gladiola
Goes to the Beach

Follow Gertie and Pup's adventure on the beach, Gertie has an ice cream while Pup meets some underwater pals. 

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Green Pudding? YUM!

Green Pudding Press is a cottage book publisher dedicated to crafting attractive, imaginative and engaging educational books for toddlers that associate positive feelings and attitudes with the learning process, laying the foundations for success.

Green Pudding Press is proud to celebrate ethnically diverse characters in all our publications.

Gertie Gladiola's Dog Pup Wearing Sunglasses

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