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Gertie Gladiola Goes To The Beach Cover

Gertie Gladiola Goes To The Beach

Prepare your toddler for new sights, sounds and surroundings.

By Rudy Vince


Children's First Beach, Funny Illustrations, Dog Companion, Female Protagonist, Family Outing


Read To Me 1-5

Published Date:

February 2023


Paperback - eBook

About Gertie Gladiola Goes To The Beach

Get ready for adventure with Gertie Gladiola and her trusty sidekick Pup in the Gertie Gladiola Goes series! In Gertie Gladiola Goes to the Beach, you’ll join Gertie and Pup on their first day at the beach, where they'll meet friendly sea creatures, build sandcastles, and enjoy an ice cream truck.

Gertie Gladiola Goes To The Beach Interior
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